We support responsible advertising for gambling and comply with local laws and industry standards related to these games, so we do not allow certain types of advertising related to this practice.

We allow the publication of ads related to gambling if they satisfy the policies below and if the advertiser received proper certification. The gambling ads should be aimed at approved countries have a landing page that shows information about the responsible use of gambling and never target minors.


Betting games on physical sites

Promotion of activities of gambling with real money in establishments for gambling or in other physical locations.


Promotion of online gambling with real money

Examples : Online casinos or betting houses, bingo or slots sites or applications, online purchase of lottery tickets or scratch cards, Online sports betting games played with virtual coins or items that have real value.


Promotion of sites that present content related to online gambling or that contain links to this type of content

Examples : Promotional products, such as coupons or bonus codes; educational material, such as tutorials or electronic books; software, such as odds calculators for poker; other information related to gambling, which includes suggestions, odds, handicaps and sports forecasts aggregates or affiliate sites that promote content related to gambling


Online games that are not casino

Any Internet-based game where money or other valuables are paid or wagered in exchange for the chance to win real money or prizes according to the outcome of the game


Social casino games

We allow the publication of advertisements about social casino games if they satisfy the policies described below and if the advertiser received proper certification. Ads about social casino games should be aimed at the approved countries and should not attract minors.

Online casinos game destinations that offer betting games in which there is the possibility of winning money or real prizes depending on the outcome of the game. Promotion of “real money betting” destinations.


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